November Meeting

We will have our November meeting this Sunday, November 19th at the home of Angie and Bill Taylor, 1583 Sherris Lane, Holly Hill, (32117) at 2PM. Phone: 386-672-2871

Greetings all,

A special “thank you” to John and Susanna in DeLand for hosting the October meeting!

Our hosts for the meeting this coming weekend will be Angie and Bill Taylor. Angie and Bill are among the small group of original club members when we started out in the winter of 1998. Sometimes it seems like Florida has only too seasons, Winter and Summer. We have been most fortunate with our meetings, let’s hope the weather is good for Sunday.

Angie and Bill have a very unique koi, gold fish, and water garden pond design. This  pond is the “whole package” as they say, as the Taylors’ creation brings all facets of their pond hobby interests into one area.

Their son, an accomplished fisherman, will be cooking one of his specialties, grilled fish. Please bring a side dish item that will go with the fish (salad or dessert. We hope you will join us in celebrating their unique pond and their many years in the club! 

The program will be a discussion of Q and A and things to be aware of with the pond as we go into the cooler months. Also, there will be a short course in pump maintanence. 

As they say in the oldest koi hobbyist organization “zen nippon arinkai” or friendship through scales. See you Sunday!

On behalf of our crew,
Bill, Mike Huss, Sherri, Susanna, Joe, Barbara, and Jack

Central Florida Koi Show 2018
March 9-11, 2018

Please visit our show Web Site as new information is being posted! WWW.CFKS.ORG

Hurricane Preparedness

Irma has been out there now for a while but most of us have been distracted by Harvey. Unfortunately now within a couple of days we may have here high winds and power outages. Number one is to take care of yourself and family or course, but what about the koi pond? Martin Wilcox wrote a comprehensive article on the topic of hurricane preparedness related to our ponds. Here is a link to a PDF of his article. It can also be found in “Articles” at www.tropicalkoiclub.org.

Hurricane Preparedness by Martin Wilcox

We hope everyone a safe outcome from the weekend inclement weather. You are welcome to contact Joe
for additional information. 

The Florida East Coast Koi and Pond Club is one of five sponsoring clubs for the Central Florida Koi Show held the second weekend in March in Orlando. Read more: cfks.org.

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