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Our meeting will be this Sunday at 3PM, May 15th, which is the third Sunday of this month. The meeting will be at the home of Bill and Amelie Rogers, 125 Crane Court in Pelican Bay.      Map 

Remember to bring your driver's license to show at the west gate of Pelican Bay.  This gate is the one closest to I-95.

Amelie is preparing a pasta salad a shrimp salad and a chicken salad. You may bring a side dish or dessert of your choice.

The program will include of koi identification. Also, a discussion pertaining to differences in treating your pond in the presence of city water containing chlorine or chloramine.

Bill has some koi to available for adoption to a good pond. Bring  a 24" cooler if you would like to take a koi home.

Bill's phone 386-322-8031 email - AGB2456@aol.com

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